Zoom also bet on bug bounty program

Bug bounty programs are an excellent solution for companies that want to eliminate bugs found in their IT solutions and increase their security at a relatively low cost. They do not have to hire IT specialists, which is expensive, and rely on the talents of people passionate about finding vulnerabilities. The American company Zoom Technologies also uses this path of eliminating bugs.

External researchers – often amateurs – conduct their own tests of software and services and report discovered bugs to the company, sometimes incurring very high rewards. Zoom is no different. In 2021, the company paid out rewards totaling $1.8 million for discovering approximately 400 vulnerabilities in its solutions. Since the launch of this program, Zoom has allocated over $2.4 million for such rewards.

That’s not to say that the company doesn’t also use the services of hundreds of its own IT professionals, who analyze the solutions and services it sells day in and day out, trying to find vulnerabilities from them. The company has also partnered with HackerOne, a well-known security platform operated by ethical hackers from around the world.

Returning to the bug bounty program, the bounties paid out by Zoom range from $250 to as much as $50,000. The former, of course, refers to minor bugs, while bounties amounting to tens of thousands of dollars are reserved for people who have discovered truly dangerous vulnerabilities that threaten the security of the IT solution to a very serious degree.

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