“Yandex.Taxi and Yandex Delivery raise prices

“Yandex.Taxi” and “Yandex Delivery” together with partners in the regions of Russia decided to increase the cost of cab services from April 12. The initiative is supported by cab drivers and industry experts.

“Yandex Go” justifies the price increase by the fact that it is necessary to improve the economics of travel and partially compensate for the increase in prices for the maintenance of cars and their maintenance. At the same time, the aggregator wants to remain a service that is accessible to the largest possible audience.

Earlier, taxi fleets complained of higher lease payments, shortages and a strong rise in the cost of cars and parts, rising MTPL prices and a drop in demand for cab services. Cab drivers also complain about a decrease in income due to a drop in demand and an increase in car rental payments.

Yandex says the fare increase won’t be drastic. Because such a “change in fares could lead to a drop in demand for rides – there would be fewer orders and, accordingly, the drivers’ earnings would decrease.” In each region, most likely, the increase will be different, the changes will affect all fares, taking into account the local specifics of each particular city.

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