Yandex.Rent will pay the owner if the tenant delays paying for the apartment

The Yandex team announced the launch of a new feature of the Yandex.Rent service. According to the press service, Yandex.Rent has become the first Russian real estate rental service that guarantees the landlord monthly payments just in time.

The landlord can now receive a monthly payment from the service with the dates specified in the contract, even if the tenant misses the payment date.

A feature called Guaranteed Payment will bail you out if a tenant fails to make a payment on time. For example, due to forgetfulness, technical failure of the Internet connection or the payment system.

All new users of the service will receive a guarantee of payment, the prerequisite is the tenant’s consent. The tenant must repay the debt to the service within 14 days – and in the first two days it can be done without charging a penalty.

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