Yandex released a huge update of the domestic alternative to Jira and Trello

The Yandex team has announced a big update to Yandex Tracker. Yandex Tracker, a service for collaboration and process organization, is actually a domestic competitor to such giants as Jira and Trello.

Along with Yandex Tracker, the integrated services – Yandex Wiki and Yandex Forms – have also been updated. As the developers note, the service has changed its design and features that will make work even more efficient and communication more convenient.

Yandex Tracker now has projects. With the help of projects you can conveniently group tasks of several teams working on a common goal. In each project, you can assign a person in charge, specify the timing and status of the project, and track progress.

The interface has changed the main sections and updated the navigation – Tracker is now embedded in the end-to-end navigation of all Yandex Cloud services, the pages for creating tasks and working with the task list have changed. In addition, a dark theme appeared.

In the Yandex Forms builder, you can now quickly create form templates to establish tasks within the service and manage the order of forms.

The updated knowledge base for Yandex Wiki employees also got a dark theme and vertical section navigation, as well as an option to create a cover for page layout. Personal section of the user’s Wiki was completely changed: now in it your favorite pages and subscriptions are available. All selected pages can be filtered, sorted and deleted.

Yandex Tracker and Yandex Wiki now have a built-in visual WYSIWYG editor. With it you can format text without Markdown markup – you can format text, create lists and quotes using buttons instead of special syntax;

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