Yandex.Market began to work with sellers of other marketplaces

The Yandex.Market team announced the launch of a new logistics service, “fullfilment for external marketplaces.” In simple words, sellers will now be able to ship and store all products in Yandex.Market’s warehouse, and sell anywhere, even on other marketplaces.

As the developers explain, when a buyer places an order on the site, in social networks or on another site, the Yandex.Market warehouse will collect it and deliver it. The service works across Russia. Yandex.Market is now accepting applications for connection and will soon begin working with the first sellers.

The press service notes:

You’ll be able to simplify operational processes – it’s easier to ship goods to one warehouse than to several different ones. You will also be able to optimize costs, especially if it is expensive to maintain your own warehouse for direct sales and at the same time store the assortment in the marketplace’s warehouses.

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