Yandex launched “Account” with an additional cashback

Yandex team announced the launch of a new payment method – “Account”. From “Account” Yandex it will be possible to pay on the services of the company and receive for this an additional cashback.

“Account” can be made in the application Yandex Go, and replenish – with a bank card, and soon through the system of fast payments. For now you can pay with “Account” for cab rides, but later it will appear in Yandex.Afisha, Yandex.Services, Yandex.Market, Yandex.Food, Yandex.Shop, Yandex.Filling stations, Yandex.Drive and other services.

Owners of the “Account” receive cashback in points. It is accrued from Yandex funds and until July 12 is 5%. Keshbak for payment from the “Account” is summed up with the keshbak, which gives a subscription Yandex.Plus. For example, when travelling with the “Comfort” fare, 15% will be refunded, and with the “Economy” or “Delivery” fares – 5%.

“Account” is already available to a portion of Yandex.Plus subscribers. Now on it it is possible to keep to 15 000 rubles and to spend in a month to 40 000 rubles. In the future all Yandex users will be able to open an “Account”.

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