Yandex gave users a “remote control” for advertising

Yandex team reported the launch of a useful feature for users. The Yandex advertising network has added a special button for banners – with its help users can interact with ads.

The developers have jokingly called it the “banner control panel. With this button, for example, you can tell an ad is not interesting, complain about violations, or find out details about the advertiser: whether he has a store or office offline, whether he maintains pages in social networks, what other ads he’s placed, and so on.

Yandex’s director of advertising products, Vera Leyzerovich, said:

We’ve made a kind of ad control panel, and that panel is now available to everyone. The signals we get help us improve the quality of the ads and make them more useful and safer.

Banners with the button can be seen on sites that are part of the Yandex advertising network. These are the sites of Yandex itself and its partners, as well as mobile applications.

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