Yandex and VK removed the official Instagram and Facebook sites from search

The Yandex and VK (formerly Group) teams have removed links to official Instagram and Facebook sites (banned in Russia; owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist in Russia) from branded search services.

Thus, Yandex.Search and Search no longer show links to the official websites of these social networks for Instagram and Facebook searches. Instead, it offers news, Wikipedia articles, links to apps, and other third-party sites.

Yandex search also gives an explanation at the top of the page: “Some links are not available in the search results due to the requirements of Russian legislation.

Yandex’s help clarifies that according to the law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection” search engines have no right to show Russian users links to resources included in the unified register of prohibited information of Roskomnadzor. The press service additionally said:

According to Russian law, search engines are required to remove links to sites and their “mirrors” as soon as Roskomnadzor enters them into the registry. Synchronization with the registry takes place automatically.

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