Yamaha E01 maxi-scooter is comparable in power to a 125cc gasoline motorcycle

Renowned gasoline-powered motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha continues to bring new electric scooters to market. This week Yamaha showed off the Yamaha E01 and Neo electric scooters.

The Yamaha E01 is compared to a 125cc gasoline motorcycle in terms of power. The manufacturer emphasizes power and says it is a maxi scooter with a sporty design. It has a double headlight and a spacious one-piece seat.

The Yamaha E01 also features a digital dashboard, Bluetooth connectivity and keyless start. Three riding modes are available: Eco, Normal and Power. The E01 is equipped with an 11kW electric motor and will be able to drive up to 80 km without recharging.

The Yamaha Neo electric scooter is based on the E02 concept unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. It is equipped with a lithium-ion battery (50.4 V, 19.2 Ah), which lasts up to 68 km without recharging.

It went on sale in Europe and some other markets this March for €3,000.

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