Xiaomi laptop with quality new AMD APU has been tested in 3DMark. It is built on Ryzen 7 6800H

In March, Xiaomi officially unveiled the Redmi Book Pro 15 2022 powered by Intel processors and promised a Redmi Book Pro 2022 Ryzen Edition soon. There’s no word yet on when the new product will debut, but Xiaomi’s promising device has already popped up in the 3DMark database under the designation TIMI TM2113. The source believes that under this number hides the same Redmi Book Pro 2022 Ryzen Edition.

If so, the notebook will get a qualitatively new AMD processor – Ryzen 7 6800H. There will be no discrete GPU, but it is not really needed, because the built-in GPU Radeon 680M is powerful enough – on the level of GeForce GTX 1650. As for the CPU, it has eight cores with a frequency up to 4.7 GHz and 16 MB of cache memory of the third level. The amount of RAM was 16 GB, we can think that the SSD will be 512 GB. The source believes that the Redmi Book Pro 2022 Ryzen Edition will get an improved cooling system, which will allow to realize the full potential of the latest AMD APU.

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