Xiaomi has reported threats of physical violence against employees by the Financial Crimes Agency of India

Xiaomi has charged threats of physical violence from the Financial Crimes Agency of India, which was investigating a history of royalty evasion.

The company alleged that its top executives were threatened with physical harm during an investigation by the Indian Financial Crimes Enforcement Agency. Xiaomi also alleges that the agency used coercion in every way possible to unfairly accuse the company and its employees.

Exclusive details about Xiaomi’s allegations against the Financial Crimes Enforcement Agency were first reported by Reuters. Court documents say that both the former managing director in India and the current CFO were warned of dire consequences during questioning. The agency forced them to produce certain documents.

After this information emerged, the Financial Crimes Agency of India denied that its officials had threatened Xiaomi during the interrogation. The financial regulator stated that Xiaomi’s claims were false and unfounded. The regulator also said that the company’s executives voluntarily resigned in a very favorable environment.

Earlier, Indian authorities seized $725 million held in Xiaomi India’s bank accounts. The state organization Directorate of Enforcement said that the Indian unit of the Chinese manufacturer had transferred the equivalent of such a sum in Indian rupees to three foreign organizations in violation of currency laws.

The next court hearing is set for May 12.

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