Xbox Seris X and Seris X sell better than Xbox One. Microsoft has sold nearly 14 million next-generation consoles

VGChartz, a resource that counts sales of game consoles from different manufacturers, reported that Microsoft has sold 13,867,499 next-generation game consoles since the Xbox Series S and Series X began sales. And they’re selling better than the Xbox One.

If you take the same time frame, Microsoft once sold 11,480,703 Xbox One’s in the same 17 months. It turns out that the Xbox Series S and Series X outpace Xbox One sales by about 2.4 million units – and that’s with the terrible shortage of next-gen gaming consoles.

Analysts note that Xbox Series S and Series X sales have increased markedly in the past three months — this is attributed to Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard. It is also noted that sales of the Xbox Series X and Series S exceeded the total sales of the Nintendo Wii U console (13.6 million units).

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