Women in IT. Expectations vs reality

Over half of Polish women in IT earn PLN 3.1-7 thousand net, despite the fact that 20% of respondents had higher expectations – No Fluff Jobs report


The report “Women in IT 2022” No Fluff Jobs shows, among other things, the differences between current earnings and expectations of Polish women working in this sector. While more than half of them earn between PLN 3.1-7 thousand net, almost every fifth respondent declares higher financial expectations. Interestingly, more than half of female IT candidates decide to enter the industry because they like professional challenges. What holds them back? Most simply don’t know where to take their first step in IT.

“It happens that women sometimes lack the courage to leave their current job and re-brand themselves into the path of new technologies. The survey “Women in IT” showed that it is worth it. 55 percent of female IT professionals took a job in the sector after the change of career, and more than 70 percent feel fulfilled at work. The IT industry offers many opportunities for personal and professional development, it is worth believing in yourself and trying your hand at it,” says Magdalena Gawłowska-Bujanowska. – says Magdalena Gawłowska-Bujok, co-founder and COO at No Fluff Jobs.

The surveyed IT specialists declared earnings between PLN 3-7 thousand net (more than 50% of respondents), more than 20% earn between PLN 7.1 and 11 thousand net, while slightly more than 10% are paid more than PLN 11 thousand net.

In response to the question about preferred earnings, one in five IT professionals indicated higher financial expectations. In this case, the largest percentage of respondents indicated a range of PLN 9.1-11 thousand net.

The survey showed that more than 80 percent of female candidates for work in the tech sector would like to be employed under a contract of employment. Only 15 percent indicated a B2B contract, 3 percent a contract of mandate, and only 0.5 percent a contract for work. However, as the internal data of the No Fluff Jobs portal shows, in the IT industry, cooperation based on a B2B contract is most often proposed. In 2021, this form of contract could be found in as much as 3/4 of advertisements published on the site. It is worth mentioning that one of the objectives of the Polish tax reform was to limit self-employment (it was primarily a situation of “pushing” employees to self-employment in low-paid industries, but the reform covered all professions).

What helps IT candidates get into the IT industry? Nearly 71 percent of Polish women working in it indicated an increased demand for IT professionals, and they are also persuaded by the large amount of educational material available online, including articles and blogs (65 percent). Interestingly, the top three reasons for reorganization was the fact that female IT candidates like challenges (54%). They are highly motivated by others who have already taken a job in the industry (50 percent).

And what, in turn, makes it difficult for candidates to enter the IT path? The biggest obstacle is finding the right job offer (42 percent), 40 percent do not know where to start, and almost a third do not know what specialization to choose. Only one-fifth are blocked by too much learning, and 22 percent by the too high cost of learning programming.

Source: No Fluff Jobs

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