“With the current demand, they will be enough for two or three months.” Russia is running out of iPhones, and Realme is pushing Apple out of the top 3 smartphone brands of Russians

Yesterday came out statistics on the Russian new car market in April – it collapsed by almost 80%, and now there is data on the smartphone market in Russia for the same period. Here, too, there is a drop, not so strong, but sensitive: in April, sales fell by 30%. And the most important news was that Apple dropped out of the top 3 most popular smartphone brands among Russians.

MTS told Kommersant that the smartphone market in Russia declined in April year-on-year by 30% in units and money. At the same time in April in the top three in terms of sales units was brand Realme with a share of 11.2%. First place went to Samsung (26% of the market in units), the second – Xiaomi (20%). Apple moved into fourth place with a share of 10.3%, and Honor (5.7%) took fifth place. According to “M.Video-Eldorado”, in April “there was a decline in smartphone sales and in demand were inexpensive models”. MTS specified that the average cost of the purchased gadget in April remained at the level of 2021 – 24 thousand rubles.

Svyaznoy confirms that in April Realme’s share of the smartphone market in Russia increased from 4% a year earlier to 11% in units and from 2% to 7% in money, Apple’s share dropped from 16% to 10% in quantity and from 44% to 31% in revenue. In MegaFon’s retail network, Realme took third place of total smartphone sales in units back in March, according to the company’s sales director David Borzilov.

Overall, sales of smartphones in the country both in units and in money fell by 30% in April, this is due to a decline in demand for the technology. At the same time, shipments of devices continue and are quite regular, but “certainly not in the same volumes as in previous years,” says Anton Fomin, business analyst at Marvel Distribution: “Distributors make purchases as carefully as possible so that in case the ruble rate jumps down and stabilizes at this level, they will not be left with predominantly expensive goods in stock.

A Kommersant source at one of the retailers noted that the worst situation is with the availability of iPhones in stock: “With the current demand, they will be enough for two to three months.” At the same time, the supply of Xiaomi and Realme smartphones, in his own words, is maintained: “Due to problems with logistics, volumes are lower than before February 24, but they are enough to meet current demand.”

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