Windows XP is still significantly more popular than Windows 11 worldwide

Lansweeper, a company that specializes in research in the IT field, has cited some interesting statistics.

According to a new study of more than 10 million devices based on Microsoft’s operating system, the popularity of the latest Windows 11 leaves much to be desired.

As Lansweeper experts note, only 1.44% of users have upgraded to Windows 11. At the moment Windows 10 (80.34%) remains the most popular and, apparently, will remain so for a long time;

What’s even more interesting is that Windows 11 is still far ahead of the true «veterans» among Microsoft operating systems. We’re talking about Windows XP, released in October 2001, which has a 1.71% share, and Windows 7 with a 4.70% share, released in 2009.


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