Will you finally be able to buy a PlayStaiton 5 or Xbox Series without huge markups and months of waiting? Console shipments will increase by the end of the year

Shipments of current-generation gaming consoles could increase significantly this year.

The head of Turtle Beach claims that the shortage will fall substantially by the end of this year, just in time for the Christmas season.

The main reason for the improvement will be in what can literally be translated as a progressive vision. What is really meant is the advance placement of orders by Sony and Microsoft, which will allow the companies to level out the huge waiting times for these very orders. The companies have been in a state of chip shortages and supply disruptions for more than a year, so now they can work more productively under such conditions.

Our semiconductor ordering times, they’re kind of insanely high, but they don’t impede our shipments anymore because we’re used to it. And we order ahead of time. And we expect Microsoft and Sony to do the same thing. And once that’s implemented, the supply constraint should loosen. Obviously, we can’t predict that for sure, but that’s certainly what we’re assuming in the numbers

That said, the deficit will still remain because nothing will dramatically change in the market. Besides, if the supplies increase just in time for the Christmas season, it will fall on the period of increased demand. However, any such shifts in the market are positive.

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