When Intel graphics cards do come out, will Nvidia and AMD have a problem? Tests show Arc A370M often outperforms GeForce RTX 3050

It’s been five weeks since the conditional release of Intel’s Arc mobile graphics cards. At that time, Intel only told us about two junior models, and only the most junior one appeared in laptops, and that only in one Samsung model and only in South Korea. But now we have the results of testing in games and model Arc A370M.

To start with, the editor of PC World had to personally visit Intel headquarters to get access to a laptop with such a graphics card. This speaks volumes about the company’s problems with 3D card production.

Recall that while the Arc A350M has 768 processing cores, the A370M already has 1024. Both cards have a 64-bit bus and only 4 GB of memory. That is, they are entry class solutions. Tests show that the Arc A350M is solidly ahead of the GeForce MX450, but falls short of the mobile GTX 1650. It would seem that the Arc A370M shouldn’t offer much more than that. But here we should remember that it has significantly higher power limit (up to 50W), which makes the frequencies much higher.

As a result, the Arc A370M confidently rivals the GeForce RTX 3050 in gaming! That is already a modern entry level for a gaming notebook without any reservations.

It’s worth noting the result in Metro Exodus. This is the Enhanced Edition, which runs only on systems with ray tracing support. And here we see that Arc A370M lags only slightly behind RTX 3050. We know almost nothing about ray tracing implementation in Intel GPU yet, but it seems to be quite good. Also the novelty shows itself perfectly in the Topaz video processing application using AI.

Overall, the Arc A370M looks much more interesting than the A350M. At the same time, it is not clear whether Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology function was active, disabling which, as we recall, leads to phenomenal performance growth of Intel Arc graphics cards. At least that was the case with the A350M.

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