What will be a brand new Lada 2023: spy photos and video

While sales of the newest version of the Lada Vesta NG have yet to begin, Russian car giant Avtovaz is already preparing the next generation Lada.

Previously, Avtovaz reported that two B-Class models that have nothing in common with the Lada Granta will debut in 2023. It is also assumed that the assembly of test models has already started.

Now the information is confirmed by spy photos, which were published by the community Avtograd news in the social network “VKontakte”. According to the source, the body design is original and does not copy Renault Logan.

Of the features noted small longitudinal chisels on the fenders, on the rear panel you can notice the holes for narrowed taillights and narrowed headlights in the front.

There are small longitudinal notches on the front and rear fenders, smoothly transitioning to the doors. The rear panel has openings for tapered taillights. The front is also oriented under the narrowed headlights.

It is not yet clear what the new model will be called. Not so long ago, Avtovaz registered the trademark Lada Aura, and before that it conducted a vote among car enthusiasts on the name for the new car models. It was won by four names – Onega, Alta, Slava, Lika. Alta, Iskra, Mira, Avira and Sfera were also chosen.

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