Welcome to Computerworld Best in Cloud competition

These are the last days to participate in X Computerworld BEST IN CLOUD 2022 contest, which aims to popularize the most spectacular cloud projects and cloud solutions. We invite you to participate in 2 parts of the competition: for organizations effectively using cloud solutions and for providers of cloud services and solutions.

All projects and solutions submitted to the competition will be evaluated by a jury of several dozen people. The winners of the competition will be announced during the 10th edition of the BEST IN CLOUD 2022 conference. The competition and conference are complemented by a report, which is a compendium of knowledge about the development of the cloud market in Poland with the characteristics of all submitted projects and solutions.

“The best implementation of a cloud service in the last 12 months” is part of the competition for organizations implementing mature cloud projects with a significant impact on the organization’s operations and business results. Entering the competition is a form of appreciation of the project team and a chance for promotion and recognition in the IT environment.

We have moved up the deadline for contest surveys to April 15.

We look forward to submitting your project!

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