“We can only rely on domestic online platforms” – Lavrov announced active support for Odnoklassniki and Rutube

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that his office will do everything possible to strengthen information security work.

The Foreign Ministry is not staying away from the general trend, actively developing a digital agenda. We will do everything necessary to strengthen information security within the Foreign Ministry in order to effectively counter cyberthreats, which have increased markedly for the reasons I have already mentioned.

Sergey Lavrov

He said that today only domestic online platforms can be relied upon reliably, but also noted that Russia will continue to use Western information platforms.

We will, strictly within the framework of our legislation, continue to use their capabilities in our information work, but at the same time it is clear that we can only rely completely reliably on our domestic online platforms and information and communication technology solutions.

Sergey Lavrov

He added that the Foreign Ministry would actively support Odnoklassniki and Rutube.

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