“VKontakte will protect users from pirates

The “VKontakte” team announced the launch of a new special function of the social network, which is designed to protect accounts and personal information of users from unscrupulous developers of third-party applications.

As the developers promise, the innovation will protect users from hacking and identity theft through pirated applications that can be used for malicious activities, spamming and collecting confidential information.

For security purposes, the security feature will be enabled by default for VKontakte users on Android devices. As the developers promise, it will not affect the work of the official VK application, as well as alternative clients from third-party developers – if the applications were created using open API methods allowed by the social network.

The updates were part of the global VK Protect initiative – it brings together all the technology solutions that provide protection in the services of the VK ecosystem. The new feature is available on Android and is based on SafetyNet technology.

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