“VKontakte will protect users from hacking and identity theft through pirated apps

The social network “VKontakte” has introduced a new feature to secure user accounts and personal information from unscrupulous developers of third-party applications. The new feature is available for Android and is based on SafetyNet technology. This innovation will help prevent profiles from being hacked through potentially dangerous apps.

For security reasons, the security feature will be enabled by default for VKontakte users on Android devices. It will not affect the work of the official VK application, as well as alternative clients from third-party developers – if the applications were created using open API methods allowed by the social network. Their developers can contact VKontakte Support to add robust security features to the alternative applications and secure the service’s audience.


VKontakte’s information security is a key priority for the company, which regularly conducts internal and external audits, applies the world’s most effective and up-to-date data protection practices, and engages third-party researchers. VK’s security program is among the top 10 public programs of 2020 in ZDNet’s ranking.

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