VKontakte launched an automatic increase in resolution and frame rate in commercials

The VKontakte team announced the launch of a new feature for VK Videos. All users of the platform became available to automatically improve videos.

NeuroHD’s proprietary neural network technology will be able to double the resolution and frame rate of clips. The neural network can increase the resolution up to 720p, frame rate up to 60 fps, remove noise and camera shake.

NeuroHD technology works when downloading videos through the web version of VKontakte. In the future, the developers plan to implement the ability to enhance videos to Full HD resolution. As the press service notes, the technology is an in-house development of VK Video and has no counterparts from other major video resources.

To make the videos of higher quality, you need to select the option of automatic enhancement when uploading videos to the platform. Algorithms will analyze the video and offer the best option to improve the quality based on internal criteria. Processing can be enabled for videos of any duration and size. In addition, videos with a frame rate of 60 fps can now be uploaded to VK Videos.

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