VKontakte has launched a separate mobile app called VK Clips

The VKontakte social network team announced the launch of a separate mobile app, VK Clips, in which you can create short clips in vertical format.

The VK Clips app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices to install from the App Store and Google Play.

Among the app’s innovations are advanced video segment editing features: reshooting and reshooting, splitting and merging, changing the order of clips, changing the duration, color filters, reversing and duplicating. The maximum duration of clips has been updated: users can now shoot and upload clips of up to three minutes instead of 60 seconds. There is also support for Full HD and up to 60 frames per second.

VK Clips uses a VK ID – a single account for all projects in the VK (formerly Mail.ru Group) ecosystem – to log in and register with VK. Thanks to this, all the clips published by the user inside VKontakte will also be available in a separate application of the service – and vice versa.

In addition, it became possible to use some features of VK Clips in the separate app even without authorization or registration: for example, to watch clips, read comments, navigate to the profiles of authors and by hashtags and selections, and search for new content for inspiration.

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