VK launched a new platform for smart homes and smart cities

VK (formerly Mail.ru Group) unveiled an updated platform for the Internet of Things, the Cloud IoT Platform.

As the developers note, it can be used to create applications for smart homes and smart cities, for example, to reduce accidents on the roads, as well as the automation and robotization of industry, connected cars and smart utilities services. For the first few months, the system will be free for all developers of Internet of Things services.

The Cloud IoT Platform collects, processes and visualizes data from smart devices and acts as a single base for building Internet of Things systems. It enables accelerated development of IoT applications. The solution supports standardized communication protocols and ensures the security of connected devices.

The platform provides a turnkey solution for centralized management, monitoring and authentication of IoT devices. It is part of the VK Cloud Solutions infrastructure: devices can be quickly connected to the public cloud. The platform provides clear visualization of data analytics and a hierarchical registry of data sources.

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