VK Jobs service is closing

VK (formerly Mail.ru Group) has announced a decision – the “VK Work” service will soon be closed.

The press office reports:

VK Work service will cease to exist in the near future, all obligations to customers and partners will be fulfilled.”

Users began receiving emails warning them that the service would be shut down by the end of May. VK also explained that the “VK Work” project team will be disbanded and specialists will be transferred to other projects – the social network “VKontakte”, “VK Calls” and “VK Video”.

Alla Arshevskaya, managing director of the VK Work service, said:

For the last year and a half our team has been integrating the service into the social network and during this time has accumulated a wealth of experience in developing and integrating digital products, which will allow it to quickly get involved in new projects. Now we will direct the efforts and experience of the team to the fundamental for VK technological directions”.

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