Up to 96 cores in top models and large second level cache. AMD Epyc Genoa Genoa generation CPU is on the web

AMD Epyc Genoa generation processors will be the first of their kind to get up to 96 cores. This is the official information of the company. Such CPUs will come out as early as this year. And until they are released, we can look at an engineering sample of Epyc 7004, which has been spotted on the web.

However, it has only 32 cores. The base frequency of this sample is only 1.2 GHz, and the maximum frequency is at 4.6 GHz. It is most likely that the production CPU frequencies will be a bit different.

That said, this is already much higher than the current 32-core Epyc processor, which runs at up to 3.4 GHz. The gain is huge, especially when you remember that these are server CPUs.

The volume of cache memory per chiplet is 32 MB, i.e. a total of 128 MB, which corresponds to the characteristics of the current model. But the second level cache-memory became twice as much – 1 MB per core. Accordingly, while the current flagship 64-core Epyc has 32 MB of L2 cache memory, the top-end CPU of the new generation will have 96 MB!

In Geekbench, the processor scored 464 and 8,541 points in single-threaded and multi-threaded modes respectively, but this is hardly worth any comparison with the current models, given the status of the test CPU.

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