Two billionaires’ correspondence was leaked online. Bill Gates wanted to discuss philanthropy with Ilon Musk, but the conversation did not go well

It’s rare that screenshots of correspondence between two billionaires and, at the same time, very influential people end up on the Web. But today’s is one of those cases. The New York Times leaked the correspondence between Bill Gates and Ilon Musk.

Gates’s reason for contacting Musk was quite noble: he wanted to discuss philanthropy in the pressing issue of climate change. Judging by the screenshots, Musk was at first okay with the meeting, but then he asked Gates about his half-billion-dollar short position in Tesla. And he admitted that he really didn’t close them. To which Musk responded as follows:

Sorry, but I can’t take your climate change charity seriously when you have a huge short stance against Tesla, the company doing the most to address climate change.

The conversation between the two billionaires, alas, did not take place. Interestingly, Elon Musk has already confirmed the authenticity of the correspondence and indicated that he did not make a special secret out of it. But how it was received by journalists is another question.

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