Total HDD shipments decreased by about 10% during the quarter

Trendfocus analysts have prepared a report on the HDD market, including data for the first quarter of 2022. As usual in such Trendfocus reports, the data are given in the form of ranges.

If analysts are to be believed, 53.0-55.2 million HDDs were shipped during the quarter. That’s down 9.8-13.4% from the previous quarter.

Seagate remains the market leader. It shipped 23.4-24.2 million hard disk drives during the quarter, down 9.6-12.6% from the previous quarter. Seagate’s quarterly share is estimated at 43.8-44.2%.

Second place goes to WDC. Having shipped 19.7-20.5 million drives during the quarter, or 5.0-8.8% less in quarterly terms, it took 37.1-37.2% of the market.

In third place is Toshiba. In the past quarter, it reduced shipments by 18.2-22.9%, to 9.9-10.5 million units. As a result, Toshiba’s share is estimated at 18.7-19.0%.

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