This Windows 11 survey comes as a strong surprise

A report compiled by Lansweeper shows that the number of PCs that users have modified and switched to Windows 11 has tripled in the past three months. However, the percentage of all PCs running the system remains further down and leaves much to be desired.

After the company examined more than 10 million PCs, it found that only 1.44% of them are currently running Windows 11. Compared to January this year, this is an increase of 0.52%.

Although the vast majority of PCs scanned by Lansweeper’s software passed the RAM test (as 91% did), only about half of the Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) installed in them met the requirements for Windows 11. Nearly 19% of the PCs failed the TPM test altogether, and 28% were not compatible with it or the TPMs installed in them were disabled by default.

Things are even worse for virtual machines. Here, 44.9% of machines meet Windows 11’s CPU chip requirements, and for RAM it’s 66.4%. As for the TPM module, only 0.23% of all virtual machines have this module enabled.

It should be made clear here right away that Lansweeper’s study differs sharply from other studies of this type, which estimate that under the control of the system indows 11 works several times more (even from 15 to 20%) of all functioning PCs in the world today. Most analysts believe that these are inflated estimates and the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. It must be said, however, that Microsoft certainly has no reason to be pleased, as it certainly did not anticipate that the expansion of Windows 11 would be so slow.

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