This kind of autonomy no AirPods have ever dreamed of. Google unveiled the Pixel Buds Pro headphones

Google unveiled the Pixel 6a smartphone, nominally announced the Pixel Watch, and revealed the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. On top of that, it also released new headphones called Pixel Buds Pro, which have been rumored recently.

This is Google’s top-of-the-line $200 headphone model. By comparison, the Buds A cost half as much.

So what can AirPods Pro’s conditional competitors do? For example, they can impress with their battery life. Google talks about 11 hours, and that’s without the case! Such autonomy is usually only a dream for fully wireless models. With the case we are already talking about 31 hours. However, all these indicators are achieved with the disabled technology of active noise reduction, and it is present here. If you activate the noise cancelling technology, the battery life will go down to 7 hours, but it is still more than most of the competitors.

Noise-canceling technology in Buds Pro deserves special attention because Google created a special six-core audio processor and developed special algorithms to implement it. At the heart of the noise-canceling technology is Silent Seal, which is responsible for adapting the system to the shape of each user’s ear. Google claims that the sensation of feeling blocked ears when using noise cancellation with Buds Pro will not manifest itself.

Needless to say, the headphones support Google Assistant, they have a transparency mode, and they’re also capable of connecting to two sources simultaneously. It is worth noting the protection against moisture and dust (IPx4). The novelty will appear on sale together with the Pixel 6a on July 21.

Of the rest we can highlight touch controls, support including iOS, as well as the weight of 6.2 g for each headphone and 62.4 g for the case.

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