This is already a bit more like a flagship. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 will get a significant boost in charging power

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone will reportedly get just a bit more battery capacity than the current model. But the charging power, it seems, Samsung will increase significantly.

If the Flip3 only supports 15-watt charging, which is very bad for a flagship, its successor will already offer 25-watt charging. This is still far from the values of many Chinese smartphones, but already at least comparable to most of Samsung’s own devices.

Charger, however, the kit will not be, but it is already familiar. Also, the source speaks of support for the USB PD 3.0 standard.

What’s interesting, the much more expensive Galaxy Z Fold4 will also support 25W charging. And here we could express regret about it, but it’s worth remembering the tests of Samsung flagships, where they compared charging speeds using 25W and 45W chargers, and there was virtually no difference. So 25 watts for a Samsung flagship in 2022 is the norm.

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