“This car will not be shown at ceremonial events”. What a brand new Lada Vesta looks like in the “empty” version

As we wrote last week, Russian automobile giant Avtovaz amid a shortage of components is planning to release not only the Granta and Niva, but also the new Vesta NG in a simplified configuration. This time, photos of such an “empty” version of the Lada Vesta new generation, spotted on the roads in Togliatti, appeared in the network.

The photos were published by the thematic community Avtograd news. The differences of the modification with minimal foreign components are striking. The source comments wryly:

This car will not be shown at gala events, there is no shine of alloy wheels, LED fog lights, athermal windows and a huge tablet. Lada Vesta NG Sedan in minimum configuration”.

Earlier, photos of the new “elevated” Lada Vesta NG Cross appeared in the network.

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