They want to block YouTube so that “it would be impossible to enter under any VPN.

The deputy speaker of the State Duma Peter Tolstoy, commenting on YouTube’s decision to block the channel “Duma TV”, called to block the service, and to do it in such a way “that it would be impossible to enter under any VPN”.

Google blocked the YouTube channel of the official media outlet of the State Duma, Parliamentary Television (Duma TV), without the possibility of restoration. Allegedly for violating some rules of the resource. However, it later became known that the reason was the sanctions. Let me emphasize once again: the official media outlet of the federal government of the Russian Federation, the main purpose of which is to cover the activities of the State Duma, has been blocked.

Peter Tolstoy

Peter Tolstoy said YouTube is “literally flooded with monstrous fakes and contextual advertising aimed at discrediting the Russian military and at swaying the domestic political situation in Russia.”

It’s time to admit that YouTube is an openly subversive and anti-Russian resource, so it’s time to take appropriate measures. And preferably, it should be done in such a way that it is impossible to enter under any VPN.

Peter Tolstoy

We already wrote today about the possible blocking of the service, even twice.

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