They didn’t even take the automatic, but what will happen next? World sales of Lada have collapsed

A published financial report from Renault, which is a shareholder in Avtovaz, contains fresh statistics on Lada car sales in the first quarter of this year.

According to the published data, global sales of Lada cars, both in the Russian market and in all other countries, fell by 33.1% and amounted to 60.6 thousand cars. Thus earlier the data of Association of European business according to which within first three months in Russia 52,7 thousand Lada cars were sold. The fall of sales made 37% in comparison with the same period last year.

It turns out that export sales of Lada in the first quarter of this year amounted to about 7.9 thousand cars. At the same time, the source adds that Renault’s revenues from its participation in AvtoVAZ decreased in the quarter in annual terms by 23.1%, to 527 million euros.

Just yesterday we reported that there were only a handful of cars left in Lada dealerships with automatic transmissions, including traditional automatics, Jatco variators, and the proprietary VAZ AMT robot, augmented by German ZF actuators. In the foreseeable future Lada customers will have to be satisfied with cars with manual transmission. It turns out that Lada sales dropped drastically when cars with “automatic” were available. In the current quarter, the drop in sales may be even more tangible.

Interestingly, Lada deliveries to the European Union were up 49.5% in the first quarter, though only 468 cars. In other words, last year sales were quite small against the background of the fact that the company was going to leave Europe altogether.

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