“They are 100% functional and almost perfect in appearance.”

Right now, eBay has a 42mm version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic smart watch with a built-in LTE modem for $230, with $170 off.

The seller specifies that this is a refurbished watch: “Refurbished by the seller, the watch is in Class A condition. They are 100% functional and nearly perfect in exterior condition.” The watch comes with a one year warranty.

The watch features a high-quality round Super AMOLED touch screen surrounded by a comfortable rotating bezel made of durable stainless steel. The watch has a heart rate sensor, accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, bioelectric impedance analysis sensor, and light sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic offers many interchangeable watch faces, can track the user’s physical activity, measure heart rate, saturation, do bioimpedance analysis of body composition, measure blood pressure levels and have many other features.

The watch supports many apps from the Google Play store.

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