These smartphones are the most “radioactive”. A list of models with the highest levels of electromagnetic radiation has been published

Fresh data from BanklessTimes reveals which of today’s smartphones have the highest levels of electromagnetic radiation.

The worst was the Motorola Edge with a SAR of 1.79 W/kg. The problem is that this is almost 0.2 W/kg less than the maximum value recommended by the US Federal Communications Commission (1.6 W/kg). And this is the only smartphone that has exceeded this limit.

However, a couple of other devices – ZTE Axon 11 5G and OnePlus 6T – came as close to the limit as possible. The other leaders of the anti-rating have a significantly lower SAR indicator. It is worth noting that there are three Google smartphones, a couple of OnePlus and two Sony models in the top ten. It is worth noting that there are no newer smartphones in the list, which is nice.

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