These processors will be used to create laptops for the most demanding. Intel Alder Lake-HX specifications have been released

As early as tomorrow, Intel is to unveil mobile Alder Lake-HX processors. These will be the older models of the current generation, aimed at enthusiasts.

Firstly, there will be 16-core models, which is not available among mobile Alder Lake models now, and secondly, all CPUs will feature an increased TDP value of up to 55W. Thirdly, these CPUs will have more PCIe 5.0 lanes (48 lanes) and they will support overclocking of all cores.

As you can see, there will be six models with the number of cores from 8 to 16. The top-end CPUs will run at frequencies up to 5 GHz. On the background of all CPUs stands out the youngest model Core i5-12450HX. It has very few cores for Alder Lake, and the graphics core is cut in half.

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