There are no such processors and GPUs on the market yet, and the RAM is quite unique. Unusual Dell Precision 7 notebook made it to the web

Information has leaked to the Web about a next-generation Dell Precision 7 laptop that will rely on processors and GPUs that have not yet been introduced.

Let’s start with the CPUs. Dell’s new mobile PC will be based on Alder Lake-HX processors, which will feature an increased power limit of up to 55W and 16 cores in the top models. Intel has not yet introduced these processors.

As for the GPU, here the new Dell will offer many options, including discrete Intel Arc adapters and some kind of Intel Professional Graphics, and this is also clearly a solution of the Arc line, as the power consumption of 90W is specified for it. In addition, on another poster you can see a mention of the Arc A30M Pro GPU, but this is apparently a lower performance model with a lower TDP.

But that’s not all. The discussed CPU and GPU are interesting first of all because they haven’t been presented yet. But another Dell solution will be unique at all.

In the image above you can see the RAM module. And it looks strange. In Dell’s documentation this module is called CAMM and the point is that there will be two separate DDR5 modules on one physical module. This solution will save space inside the case without unsoldering the memory and still make it replaceable. However, in retail such modules probably will not appear at all.

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