There are almost 13 million Lada cars in Russia. The most popular models are named

According to Autostat Info, there are 12,950,734 Lada cars in Russia today, with most of the cars in that fleet being cars 11 years old or older.

As of the beginning of this year, there were 9,120,934 cars older than 11 years old in the country. There were 537,902 11-year-old cars in Russia. There are a little less cars on the market, which are 10 years old (491,812 units).

415,395 cars on the Russian market are 9 years old. 342,552 units are Lada cars made 4 years ago. There are 312,084 8-year-old cars. Next comes the newest Lada, which is only a year old (286,391 units). 6- and 7-year old Lada cars in Russia are registered 236,204 and 253,984 units, respectively.

There are a total of 44,040,356 passenger cars in Russia. After Lada, second place goes to Toyota (3,629,908 cars), and third to Kia (2,506,107 cars).

Lada’s most popular cars:

  1. Lada 2107
  2. Lada 2109 Samara
  3. Lada 2106
  4. Lada 2121 Niva
  5. Lada 2190 Granta
  6. Lada 2114 Samara
  7. Lada 2110
  8. Lada 2105
  9. Lada Vesta
  10. Lada 2115 Samara
  11. Lada2104
  12. Lada 2170 Priora
  13. Lada 2112
  14. Lada Largus
  15. Lada 2191 Granta
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