The ZTE Axon 40 Ultra compares favorably to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It has a clear screen without a cut-in camera with thinner bezels

ZTE will officially unveil its flagship Axon 40 line of smartphones tomorrow, but live photos have already appeared on the web today to compare the top Axon 40 Ultra with the top Galaxy S22 Ultra. And it must be said that against the background of the undisputed hit of Samsung, the novelty ZTE looks very worthy.

The ZTE Axon 40 Ultra will clearly appeal to fans of a clean screen – without all the cutouts and embedded cameras. And indeed such a display looks good. However, the question about the quality of photo and video under-screen camera ZTE Axon 40 Ultra still open. The display of the new ZTE novelty is also curved, as in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the frames are narrower. Interestingly, the photos were taken in China, but the phone book of the Galaxy S22 Ultra contains Russian names and surnames.

While the main camera of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is represented by four sensors, in the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra it consists of three modules. The main one is with a Sony IMX787 sensor of 1/1.73 inch optical format, a lens with an equivalent focal length of 35 mm and an optical image stabilization system.

The second module is with the same Sony IMX787 sensor, but already coupled to an ultra-wide-angle lens with an EFR of 16 mm. Finally, the third periscope module uses a 64 megapixel OmniVision OV64B sensor in 1/2 inch optical format, a 91mm EFR lens and an optical stabilization system. It is just because of the latter module that the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra compares favorably with other flagships, whose periscope modules mainly use sensors with a resolution of 5-8 megapixels, and, of course, not so large.

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