the world’s first home exercise bike integrated into the meta universe

South Korean company Cardio Healthcare, which produces fitness and exercise accessories under the Cardio brand, has unveiled Metabike, the world’s first exercise bike integrated into its own meta universe.

To “get” into the Cardio HUB’s meta universe, you can use a smart TV or tablet with special apps along with the Metabike. The devices, connected via Bluetooth, allow you to perform various tasks during your workout and earn up to $30 per month. The devices can also be used with a smart TV or tablet app.

The money is credited to the user’s balance in the meta universe in the form of Cardiocoin, a cryptocurrency running on the ERC20 blockchain (CRDC). The cryptocurrency can already be used to pay for various healthcare services and to exchange for discounts at fitness facilities.

“People can train on Metabike, compete against users from around the world in virtual races, ride in scenic landscapes, watch their favorite shows and immerse themselves in leading meta universes, all while tracking their workouts and earning rewards for their fitness,” said Cardio Healthcare founder and CEO Daniel Park

The Metabike uses special game controllers and pedals that track actual speed, torque, and distance traveled during the workout. In the future, the Metabike will be able to work with the Metarun treadmill, which has been operated in test mode in fitness centers in South Korea.

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