The use of 50 megapixel image sensors in smartphones is growing rapidly

According to analyst firm Counterpoint Technology, the popularity of 50-megapixel image sensors in smartphones is growing rapidly. The premium Huawei P40 series was the first to use 50MP image sensors in March 2020. Other OEMs, including vivo and OPPO, quickly followed Huawei’s lead. By the second half of 2021, when the Samsung S5KJN1 sensor with 0.64µm pixels was launched in mass production, 50MP sensors became common components. The share of smartphones with a 50 megapixel primary camera increased from 1.7% in the second quarter of 2021 to 5.6% in the fourth quarter of 2021. The estimate is not the first quarter of 2022 at 9.7%.

Allegedly, 50MP sensors with larger pixels (1.0µm or more) have now begun to make their way into mid- to high-end smartphones because of lower prices. In February 2020, Sony released the IMX700 sensor, which Huawei already uses, and then Samsung and OmniVision also released similar 50-megapixel sensors. As a result, such sensors began to be found in an increasing number of mid-range models. According to the fourth quarter of 2021, 50 megapixel sensors are found in 11.7% of devices belonging to the segment of $ 400-599. Segment data is shown in the diagram.

SK hynix and SmartSens are expected to begin mass production of 50-megapixel image sensors in 2022, which will increase competition and lower prices.

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