The unique Panic Playdate game console never runs out of power. New details

We’ve already reported on the start of shipments of the unique Panic Playdate handheld game console, which was announced back in 2019 and was supposed to go on sale a year later. Now there are more details about its functionality.

The Panic Playdate has a 2.7-inch black-and-white display, and the console will never run out of battery, according to the manufacturer, because there’s a handle on the side that allows you to charge the device. There are also several function buttons on the front panel. The handle rotates and is also an analog controller, which brings a new element to games. Some games use the handle exclusively, while others do not use this controller.

Panic is working on expanding the line of games available to users. A “catalog” app, similar to a game store, will be introduced soon. The device also integrates the Playdate Mirror tool for Mac and PC. This allows users to mirror their console screen to a PC and record video, broadcast live, or use a large display to project the current game.

Those interested can continue to place pre-orders, but they won’t be delivered until 2023 at the earliest. The Playdate is priced at $179,and includes the console, a USB cable, and two weekly games for twelve weeks.

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