The Sbermegamarket app was removed from Google Play

The “Sbermegamarket” mobile app of the mmarketplace is not available for downloading in the Google Play catalog. It cannot be installed or updated from there. However, the application previously installed on your smartphone works fine.

“The Sbermegamarket multicategory marketplace app and Sbermegamarket PRO merchant app are currently unavailable for downloading and updating in the Google Play store,” the company said. However, new users or customers of the marketplace, who for some reason deleted the application from Android devices, can download it from the company’s website. A similar option will soon appear for retailers, the company added.

“Please note that for security reasons, we do not recommend downloading the application from unverified sources and ask to install the application “Sbermegamarket” only through a link on the official site”, – stressed the company and added that customers can make purchases directly on the site of the marketplace with authorization in the personal cabinet.

The removal of the Sbermegamarket app from Google Play was the result of sanctions imposed against Sberbank. They provide for the freezing of banks’ assets and the prohibition for American citizens and companies to do business with them. The “Sbermegamarket” marketplace is part of the Sber ecosystem.

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