The Russian market of PCs, notebooks and components “rolled back to the old version” despite the departure from Russia of Intel, AMD and Nvidia, difficulties with logistics and jumps in the dollar

The Russian PC and component market has experienced great turmoil over the past few months, but now the situation has mostly normalized. As Vedomosti wrote in its own big study, equipment is still being brought into the country, and the price of many items has rolled back – various devices can now be bought even cheaper than in February.

The largest retail chains claim that most of the difficulties are over. As M.Video-Eldorado’s press service told Izvestia, supplies from abroad are now continuing despite all the difficulties.

“We strive to provide customers with the widest possible choice of equipment, including computer equipment, both through direct dialogue with vendors and by bringing the range to our electronics marketplace. In the current situation, we are adapting our business processes regarding access to global supplies and interaction with vendors. Now we have a sufficient stock of laptops and other computer equipment to fully meet customer demand, and it is being replenished,” said representatives of M.Video – Eldorado.

For its part, Citilink noted that manufacturers continue to adjust their supply chains. “Deliveries of computers and laptops continue. We are also receiving regular deliveries of PC components in all categories. There are minor problems with the supply of processors and hard drives, which we are resolving. Now Citilink has a wide range of accessories for PCs, computers and laptops”, – stressed in “Citilink”.

If you analyze price dynamics for the same kinds of products from the biggest computer discounters (DNS and “Citilink”), it turns out that it costs not much more to build a computer now than it did in winter. For example, a good quality mid-level gamer station with AMD 5-series or Intel i5 processors and AMD Radeon RX 6600 or GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards will now cost around 130,000-135,000 rubles, which is around 5-10,000 rubles more than in mid-February. At the same time processors barely increased in price, and in some places even dropped in price, significantly more expensive (sometimes 1.5 times) were the same SSD drive models and hard drives, while the price of graphics cards remains extremely volatile. They are still influenced by the situation with the profitability of mining to a greater extent than any geopolitical perturbations.

It is interesting that although some foreign manufacturers announced their withdrawal from the Russian market, their products are still present in sufficient quantities on the shelves of domestic electronics stores. For example, there are hundreds of ASUS accessories of all kinds, even though the company announced that it had practically stopped supplying them in the middle of March. However, it could also be the stocks, which, according to the press service of M.Video – Eldorado, were made more than solid.

In general, retailers are gradually returning even to conducting promotional campaigns and sales in installments of six months, especially in the sale of laptops. “Izvestia” concludes that for Russian consumers the problem of computer availability, if not solved, is at least in a tolerable state. And if we take inflation into account, we can assume that the equipment has not become more expensive at all.

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