The robot “Fyodor” would love this. A cyber cafe with a robot barmaid “Dunyasha” will open in Russia

In May in Perm and Nizhny Novgorod a cafe will open in which a robot barmaid named Dunyasha will serve customers. Promobot and Robin Hood Robotics held a presentation of such a cyber café in Perm.

The Cyber Café is a robotic complex that includes a counter, ice cream trays, a soda dispenser, a coffee machine, and a robot bartender. All of this provides a full cycle of customer service – from ordering to dispensing products.

The main feature of the cybercafé will be a robot barmaid “Dunyasha,” who can not only offer dessert and a drink, but also maintain a simple dialogue. Visitors will be able to take joint selfies with her. It’s noted that Diana Gabdullina, Mrs. Perm 2014, was the prototype of Dunyasha’s appearance.

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