The new generation of iPhone will offer two additional E Ink displays at once

For a long time, E Ink screens have not been widely used outside of the e-book industry because of their monochrome and low refresh rate. According to the latest news from the supply chain, Apple plans to collaborate with e Ink screen giant Yuantai to release a multi-screen version of the iPhone. Such a smartphone would offer, among other things, the comfort of reading books on an E Ink screen.

Reportedly, this multiscreen version of the iPhone will add two additional E Ink displays on the back. One of the two additional screens (the smaller one) will be used to display battery information, reception levels, notifications, and so on.

Such information displays, which do not require high refresh rates and saturated colors, consume less energy and do not put as much strain on the eyes as traditional LCD or OLED screens.

The source adds, however, that since the E Ink screen itself can’t emit light, it needs backlighting, which will inevitably lead to a thicker smartphone body.

There are also reports that a new iPhone with a unique design has been in development for quite some time and could be released as early as next year.

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