The most powerful mobile processors in the world. Intel introduced Alder Lake-HX

Intel has unveiled its highest-performing mobile processors. The Alder Lake-HX line is not much inferior to desktop CPUs, with only some differences.

First of all, Alder Lake-HX differs from Alder Lake-H and its desktop counterparts by its increased TDP up to 55 W. In this case, the senior models here are 16-core, and of the seven CPUs in the line, the maximum number of cores has four. But this can be explained by the fact that the two Core i9 models and the older two Core i7 models are almost identical CPUs. The differences are that the Core i9-12950HX and Core i7-12850HX support vPro features, while the Core i9-12900HX and Core i7-12800HX support full overclocking. Overall, overclocking is available for all models, but the vPro versions have limited support.

Processor Number of cores/threads Frequencies, GHz L3 cache memory, MB GPU GPU frequency, GHz
Core i9-12950HX. 16 (8+8)/24 1,7-5,0 30 32 cores 1,55
Core i9-12900HX. 16 (8+8)/24 1,7-5,0 30 32 cores 1,55
Core i7-12850HX. 16 (8+8)/24 1,5-4,8 25 32 cores 1,45
Core i7-12850HX. 16 (8+8)/24 1,5-4,8 25 32 cores 1,45
Core i7-12650HX. 14 (6+8)/20 1,5-4,7 24 32 cores 1,45
Core i5-12600HX. 12 (4+8)/16 1,8-4,6 18 32 cores 1,35
Core i5-12450HX. 8 (4+4)/12 1,8-4,4 12 16 cores 1,3

The Core i5-12450HX, which has only eight cores and the iGPU is cut in half relative to the others, can be singled out separately. Of course, in many tasks this processor is inferior to the current Alder Lake models with more cores and lower TDP.

Intel, of course, gives charts where its new products are much faster than the Ryzen 6000, but the company is tactfully silent about the difference in power consumption. However, Alder Lake-HX is a CPU for maximum performance, and the voracity is a consequence of that.

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