The most popular social networks in Russia are Telegram, VKontakte and YouTube

The results of a fresh study by Invite and Tiburon Research showed that Telegram, VKontakte, and YouTube are the most popular social networks among Russians.

89% of respondents named Telegram, while VKontakte and YouTube were named by 79% and 73% of respondents. For young users aged 18-24, Telegram and “VKontakte” were the most frequently used social networks and with equal shares of 90%. The audience of 18 to 24-year-olds more often uses “VKontakte” than users aged 25-44: 90% of respondents vs. 77%.

A quarter of respondents have been using Telegram and VKontakte more frequently recently. In addition, 12% discovered these platforms for the first time. Another 51% of users stayed in the usual social networks.

60% of respondents confirmed that they had been following bloggers and Influencers for the past month. Approximately 57% of respondents said they would be willing to switch to a new site following a blogger to continue following their content.

Influencers, like all people, have a hard time adapting to new realities, especially when many of them have lost the basics: platforms for their activities. Because of this, both the quality and quantity of content suffers. And the audience noticed it – 39% admitted to feeling sad about it. This figure suggests that the audience lacks a positive agenda in the information space.

Roberto Panchvidze is the managing director of Invite.

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